The Importance of Having an Energy-Efficient Home

Posted on: October 1, 2015 by in Air Conditioning, Heating, HVAC Maintenance Tips
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Most people would be shocked to learn how much heat they lose every hour due to improper insulation. No matter how well insulated your house is, it could always be better. As you will see shopping at your local hardware store (preferably one that uses reusable bags), there are a wide range of caulking and sealing kits available for your windows, doors, electric sockets, etc., to help you keep the winter’s cold air where it belongs – outside. You will be amazed at how effective these products are.

Another way you can save on your heating bill is to use your fireplace, if you have one. It is typically easy to find free scrap wood from urban harvesters, and doing so is a great way to ensure that the wood you burn is recycled, providing a more environmentally sound source of heat.

Using a wood stove is the most efficient way to save on your heating bill. Since these are typically very expensive investments, many people choose to use cheaper (though still very efficient) pellet stoves.

Most people who are highly environmentally conscious (the people who used reusable shopping bags before it was fashionable) have heard of bio-diesel and its benefits. If the environment is a concern of yours, you should research bio-diesel too.

For those interested in radically reshaping the way they heat their homes for maximum efficiency, radiant heating systems – which conduct heat directly through your house’s walls, floor, or ceiling – are far more efficient than traditional air-circulation methods of heating.

Solar energy is one source of warmth that anyone can take advantage of. While you could invest a lot of money into modifying your house for maximum solar efficiency, not everyone can afford to do that. You can, however, simply modify your daily habits to include opening the shades in the appropriate rooms at the appropriate times to let as much sun into your house as possible each day.

If you can afford to replace your old windows with newer, eco-friendly windows, you should do so to reduce your bills and to reduce damage to the environment.

Wearing extra layers of clothing is one of the oldest methods for staying warm and saving energy, and it remains one of the most effective. Is it really worth spending hundreds every month on your heating bill so you don’t have to wear a sweater?

Every little bit counts, and you will see your efforts rewarded with more food in your reusable shopping bag at the grocery store, more money in your wallet, and/or a cleaner environment. There has never been a better time to make your home energy-efficient.


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