The Benefits of Condenser Cleaning

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Condenser cleaning is important because most households and industrial workplaces make use of air conditioners whether heavy-duty or simple types to freshen up and clean the surrounding air. As it filters out the circulating air, it is inevitable that dirt, dust and other particulates will adhere to the system.

The same is true also for refrigeration condensers, which are important components of the whole system as it is the one responsible for the cooling sensation given off by the unit. The accumulation of whatever debris that clings on to this part of your cooling system is something that should be given attention that this will affect the overall functioning of the system.

It is recommended that an owner should have their condenser cleaned every month on a regular interval. However, if it such is not possible, they have to make sure that the units should be cleaned every six months.

The first step to keep this section of your system working well is to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of air that flows freely to it and that the hot exhaust air escapes easily without re-circulating back to the interior.

If this section is stationed outside, make sure that plants, branches and other stuff, which may block the flow of air, is removed. Removal of dust that has stuck to the surface of the condenser and which, may coat it can be removed using a vacuum cleaner or through brushing. You can do both for interior and exterior coils but a heavy duty brush can be applied in the exterior to also blow away the debris found in the interior. For removal of oil, using a degreaser will do the trick. Just make sure to turn the unit off before application.  

There a number of associated benefits of condenser cleaning. Abnormal operating temperatures and system pressure will be prevented if this section is frequently cleaned.

This also entails that there will be a great reduction on the cost allotted for service repair costs. Maintaining your unit through dusting and thorough cleaning will also increase its longevity as a tool. Since you preserve its part, it is assured that the whole system will be indispensable for your use. Condenser cleaning will also ensure that nothing will obstruct the operation of the unit. In this way, your unit will not have to overwork and thus you will be paying for an appropriate electric bill. 


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