Step by Step Furnace Cleaning Guide

Posted on: September 13, 2015 by in Air Conditioning, Heating, HVAC Maintenance Tips
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Many homes have a gas furnace to keep it heated. The furnace burns natural gas to heat up an exchanger to indirectly heat the air from the home as it passes over it. The air from the home is circulated by a fan located inside the furnace. Due to the nature of a how furnace operates, it is essential to keep it clean to keep it running efficient.

Often homeowners don’t think much about the furnace, as long it is working. Once it has a problem, they tend to call a heating company to come fix it. Many times the problem is simply a dirty filter, or poor maintenance on the furnace. Simple to fix items that can cost the homeowner plenty.

Changing a furnace filter, and keeping the furnace clean and running well, is fairly simple tasks, that any homeowner can learn. A step by step guide that starts with safely shutting down the furnace, followed with more steps on how to open and clean the furnace, can help the homeowner save on costly repairs and costly contractors.

Learning how to change the furnace filter can is probably the most important thing a person can learn to do to help maintain their furnace or air conditioner. A clean filter is the number one thing to keep the heating equipment running at its peak performance along with maintaining its life span. Most people don’t think about or bother with the filter as often as they should. The filter should be checked every other month. Typically a filter will need to be changed every 1-3 months, depending on the cleanliness and type of the surroundings.

Cleaning the burner and fan compartment, should be done twice a year as a minimum. At the very least, once before the heating season, and once during. This will ensure the furnace is running its best during the time it is needed most.


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