Maintenance For Air Conditioning Systems

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Many companies will try to sell you maintenance packages with your ducted and ductless (wall split) reverse cycle (refrigerated) air conditioners. They will inform you that you must perform maintenance every year but this is not always the case. Below are some basic maintenance tips that will save you a costly maintenance call out fee.

Both ductless (wall splits) and ducted reverse cycle (refrigerated) units require very little maintenance at all. The main thing to do is to clean the filter in the return air grille once every 3 to 6 months or as required.

The return air grille for a ducted system is the big grille located usually in a hallway or sometimes a wall. The installer should show you how to open and clean this filter. The easiest way to clean them is either with a vacuum or with warm soapy water. If the air conditioner suddenly cools less or sounds noisy, it is a good idea to give the filter a clean.

A good indication that the filter needs cleaning is if it becomes noisier underneath it than usual or if the air conditioner starts to cool/heat less than normal. If your house has gone through a time where a lot of dust has been kicked up (for example when moving in) it is often also a good idea to clean the filter.

Other than this the main maintenance for a reverse cycle air conditioner is just to keep the outdoor fans of the unit free from any obstructions such as sticks. These basic maintenance tips will give you years and years of reliable air conditioning use.


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