HVAC $ Saving Tip from Dennis Benjamin, NATE Certified Tech, Climate Control, Portland OR.

Posted on: April 6, 2016 by in HVAC Maintenance Tips
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Meet Dennis Benjamin one of our HVAC Installation & Service techs. As of 2014 Dennis has been with Climate Control for 9 years. Visit http://www.climatecontrolinc.com for more information.

When he is not repairing your heating or air conditioning systems Dennis’ hobbies are shooting guns, mostly target practice, video games and his wife of 7 years.

In this presentation Dennis highly recommends you change your filters often and install a hard start capacitor on your condenser unit.

Video Transcription:

I’m Dennis Benjamin, Climate Control, and I have been here for 9 years, almost. I did Install for 8 years and just moved to Service a little less than a year ago. I’ve worked for several HVAC companies, and a big problem I had was quality. I take pride in my work, I take pride in my projects at home and everything, so when I go to a job and cutting corners, whatnot, it just kind of bugs me. So this is definitely something I like about this company, is the quality.

Things I like to do for fun? I love to shoot, I love guns. I don’t do much hunting except for little varmints and that sort of thing. Mostly it’s just target practice. I do enjoy video games. I have a wife, married 7 years. I don’t have any kids. We’re working on it, but none yet. So that’s – I guess yeah, that’s about it.

If I were to give you any tips about what you could do to make your system last longer, the biggest one is change your filter. That is the absolute best thing I think you can do for your system, is just change the filter. Keep up on it. Another thing is a hard start capacitor. It’ll extend the life of your compressor.

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