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Are your furnace and air conditioning sales suffering because you use the same old ways of marketing?

Thirty years ago in this industry, there were far fewer contractors and much less competition but today it is a much different story. The common complaint I now hear from almost every contractor is; “there are just too many contractors to make a decent margin.”

They also say that they are not satisfied with the institutional type of marketing that they are offered – “it doesn’t make the phone ring”.

What else?

77% of contractors spend over half their marketing money on Yellow Pages and 81% of them rate their own ads as resulting in “fair or poor” lead quality.

Add to that the fact that newspaper, radio, flyers and even some direct marketing is not nearly as effective as it use to be and it all adds up to this…

It’s time to adopt a new set of marketing strategies based on current best marketing practices that work! It’s time to focus on a comprehensive and highly effective direct marketing plan that captures consumers when they need HVAC solutions…

It’s time to turn our efforts to new HVAC Marketing Strategies!

As a 27 year veteran of the HVAC Industry I have witnessed many changes in the HVAC market but the one thing that has not changed is the way we market our products and services.

So, why is it important that we change now?

Because, statistically speaking 98% of all Canadians that have a computer with access to the internet, go to an Internet Search Engine to research whatever it is they want to buy, including researching all HVAC solutions. However, only 36% of Canadian businesses actually do any form of internet marketing. And, of that 36%, less than 1% do it effectively!

The HVAC industry existing websites are only online brochures that do not increase business because they do not adhere to the best internet marketing strategies. Winning internet marketing strategies include; researching highly targeted markets and bringing that traffic directly to our dealer sites then converting that traffic into leads and sales.

Dealers need HVAC Marketing Strategies that are automated to the point that it constantly attracts new customers as well as delivering marketing materials to existing customers. This is all obtainable through proper use of the best internet marketing techniques.

For example; even if a homeowner has a yearly equipment maintenance program, they will still spend between $650 -$750 per year over and above the maintenance cost. For that very reason it is important for dealers to stay in constant contact with their customers so that the money they spend goes into the dealers coffers.

Having been in the HVAC business for years and experiencing first hand what contractors don’t have to grow their business, I have decided to offer up a winning solution.


Source by Greg Sheldon

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