Crawl Space Liners For Healthy, Energy Efficient Homes

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How Crawl Space Liners Benefit Air Quality

To safeguard the indoor air quality crawl space liner systems are manufactured using a heat laminating process to chemically bond all the materials together. In the best liner kit systems, no glues are used, so there is no emission of Formaldehyde. Unlike conventional insulation products, crawl space liners will not cause itching or skin rashes and will not hold moisture, eliminating a place for mold to grow. Energy Star rated liners have a closed cell foam vapor barrier sealed between outer skins of interwoven white scrim and aluminum foil that is extremely easy to cut and work with (this is why certain liners are Energy Star Rated and qualify for Obama’s “Cash for Caulkers”).

By creating a dry environment in the crawl space or basement, the moist, damp and musty conditions that promote the growth of mold spores/allergens are eliminated. When mold is left un-treated and mold spores begin to mix with the indoor air, the air quality is reduced dramatically and can cause serious respiratory problems as well as other ailments.

Energy Star Rated (cash for caulkers)

Liners that meet the reflectivity and insulation values help cut the homeowner’s energy costs. Look for products that have been awarded the 2010 Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit Certification. This certification can earn up to a $1500 savings on taxes if the homeowner qualifies – and most do!

Homeowners can expect lower energy costs year-round when installing a Energy Star rated liner kit. Summer energy costs for running the A/C are also reduced because less energy is needed to cool dry air. The big plus to the reflective aluminum foil is it holds heat in while denying the entry of water, insects and natural but yet poisonous gasses, such as Radon.

Homeowners and contractors should look for the white scrim side of the heat shield liner kit because the finished look transforms any raw space into a safe, clean storage or living area without the exorbitant expense of a major renovation. Homeowners looking to cut costs should look for liners with the Do-It-Yourself option. The best value a homeowner gets from installing crawl sapce liner system is that they just improved the indoor air quality and health of their home from the time of installation with no waiting, while also helping out the planet at the same time.


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