Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

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High temperatures can make life quite miserable. Having a cooling unit in your home can really make life much more bearable. Contact your local Ogden cooling and air company to get a unit installed in your home if you do not already have one.

Air conditioning units need to be maintained to continue to work their best. There are a few maintenance tips that consumers should be aware of. Below are a few suggestions, though ask your Ogden cooling and air company if they have any more safety tips for their specific unit.

Clean the water drain. Your central air conditioning unit will have a water drain that could possibly have leaks or blocks. Regularly checking the water drain prevents these problems from resulting in safety and water damage.

Check for any dust, or pollen that gets stuck in the unit. If moisture creates mold in the unit because of debris it can affect the air in your home and your family’s health. Take extra care now to prevent that from happening.

Replace the water in the filter monthly. It is most important during the summer while it is being used, obviously. The most important months to watch out for are May through September or October, depending on where you live.

Filters can get clogged and become dirty, so it is important to clean the filter regularly as well. Your air conditioning unit uses its filter to keep the air in your home clean. To do this, it is important to have the filter be clean as well.

These safety tips are not only good for your safety and the quality of air that goes inside your home. They also help your unit be more energy efficient. No one can complain about conserving energy and reducing electricity bills.

Keep your home cool and safe this summer by following the above tips. Talk to your Ogden cooling and air professionals to find what cooling and air unit they would recommend for your home. By cleaning your unit’s filters, water drains, and air ducts you will ensure that your cooling unit will be working at its best.


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