Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

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During the long hot dog days of summer, one appliance a household cannot live without is the air conditioner. There are a few things that a person needs to do to keep it running well. There are some tips for air conditioner maintenance that are easy and not expensive.

To keep the air conditioner running in top form, one must do a few things. One such item is to schedule a preventative maintenance check. If a house is running with a heat pump, it will control the heat and air conditioning. If the system runs both, then it needs to have a check in the spring and fall. Remember to have a licensed air conditioning company do the check. If the company is licensed then you can feel confident that any issues can be found before the residence is sitting without air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter.

An annual check should be completed on a unit if it runs both air conditioning and a heating system. If it best to have the checks completed prior to the season when they are utilized most.

An important tip to help run the air conditioner more efficiently is to make sure to change the filter. It should be checked every thirty days. If the unit is run on a heat pump then the system’s filter should be changed monthly. If the unit just heats or cools then it is recommended that a filter be changed during the months of operation.

Filters vary is shape, type and size. Some filters can be thrown out after using. Filters are inexpensive and easy to change. Consulting the operation guide is a good way to learn how to change the filter for the system. To change the filter, the homeowner needs to turn the system to off. Running the system without a filter will only cause it to clog and be inefficient. A dirty system will definitely cause an extremely high electricity bill.

A filter that can be disposed of after use is not hard to change. First the correct filter size needs to be bought. The homeowner should document on their calendar which date that they are changing the filter. An idea to make this easier is to wait until the filters are on sale and purchase twelve. The homeowner can store them and therefore make it easier to just swap them out with the used one.

If the filter is not disposable and made of fiberglass, the best way is to clean it outside. Shake it off or vacuum the filter first. Once the dust and dirt is shaken off, the filter should be washed and left outside to dry completely. Do not reinstall the filter until it is dried completely.

Every homeowner wants a residence that operates without any problems. That is not always possible and it is best to do some preventative measures to keep systems running well. The air conditioning system is one that can be maintained easily. A preventative check can foresee any upcoming problems and changing the filters monthly will help with keeping the system running well.


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